What is a cire finish?

(textiles) (of fabric) treated with a heat, wax, and calendering process to make it smooth and highly glazed in appearance
  (textiles) such a surface on a fabric
(Textiles) a fabric having such a surface

[French, from cirer to wax, from cire, from Latin cēra wax]


In case you couldn’t tell, most of the designers here at Blackpants come from a fashion background, and sometimes they bring a little bit of the fashion industry into your Workwear!! Cire is a very a common finish applied to high – end designer garments, to give them more of a polished look. Its been a popular technique since the 1910’s allowing designers to manipulate fabrics and give them a wet look and a more modern twist.

We decided to try a cire finish on our Stayblack fabric
We love it !!!




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