While most information can be found within our website, below are some of the most frequently asked questions.



I’m unsure of what size to order? | We recommend ordering the size that you have most of in your wardrobe. If this isn’t correct, we will happily exchange it for you.

Our team members are different shapes and sizes, how can I find a uniform for everyone? | Our tunic range is designed to fit and flatter almost all body shapes. To outfit a salon, we recommend ordering 2-3 garments initially, in different sizes – your staff can then determine their correct size and exchange where necessary. Contact our friendly staff for assistance.

What is the smallest/largest size? | Our tunics are available in US sizes 1-22. The Milan Tunic is available from size 1 (the smallest size) up to a size 22 (the largest size).

I have a large bust, what should I order? | Blackpants tunics are larger around the bust for comfort. However ladies with larger busts often prefer styles featuring a centred zip, like our London Tunic, or a wrap style, like our Tokyo tunic. The Manhattan is a favourite also!

Should I go up a size if I need extra movement? | Blackpants garments are designed to be worked in. They are wider across the back and have 4% stretch for maximum movement. It is not necessary to go up a size.



Do you discount for larger orders? | Depending on the quantity and style, you may be eligible to receive a discount. Please email our friendly staff to enquire. 

I’m not a hairdresser, can I order? | Yes, of course! Blackpants supply all kinds of professions – from nurses, to dog groomers. Some customers even purchase just because they love the designs!

Is there minimum quantity to order? | No, there is no minimum to order.