The Workwear Dilemma!

What to wear to work?

The working population spend over half their life at work. And the majority work in industries where clothing is mandatory. And professional presentation is expected.

So that leaves most people with the timely, tedious and repetitive decision-making process every morning- asking themselves - What do I wear to work today?

The work attire dilemma is age old in the corporate world – the internet is flooded with workwear solutions – giving outfit ideas, what to wear blogs, wardrobe capsules and an endless supply of clothing options on offer to purchase.

And then there are uniforms.

Previously reserved for health professionals, emergency services and chain stores – uniforms are slowly becoming a welcome addition to various workplaces - including the beauty industry where scrubs are now commonplace.

And it makes sense – uniforms are practical, professional, and pull a workplace together – especially in service industries where staff appearance is a fundamental aspect of a business's overall image. And image is everything,



So, what about the Hair industry?

The hair industry is an innovative and creative industry. Hairdressers are ultimately trend setters – not followers... and clothing, much like hair - is such a massive part of self-expression and personal style. So, uniforms and the concept of uniformity was never going to mesh well in an industry built on creativity, vision, and individuality. But it’s also an industry that requires professionalism, functionality and ease in the clothing they wear. 

 That’s where Blackpants Workwear comes in …

When most people hear workwear, they think High-Vis vests and steel boots – but essentially workwear is any industry specific clothing that provides protection and function within the workplace.

And that’s what Blackpants offers. 2 decades ago, Blackpants introduced the concept of workwear to the hair industry, and have continued to supply hairstylists with functional and stylish garments to wear to work!

Blackpants designs garments specifically for the hair industry –

Bleach resistant, hair repellent clothing, that is wash and wear, and doesn’t fade. Their tailored cuts fit and flatter all body shapes, and provide maximum comfort and movement while working. High end workmanship ensures longevity.

The Blackpants range is incredibly versatile – and allows stylists to mix and match – to express their own individuality whilst maintaining Professionalism.


Be sure to checkout the Blackpants Instagram for ways to wear and outfit ideas !

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