Two Trade Shows in 10 Days

Ever seen the movie ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days’? Yeah, well this how to lose your mind in 10 days…  
Trade shows are not easy. They are a lot of fun, they are a great way to engage with your industry and customers, and they are a fantastic Launchpad for new products. But they are also a lot of hard work. If done correctly, they take months of preparation, and the countdown is daunting
Don’t be fooled by the three days in Paris either. That never happened! (see London Adventures)
Trade shows typically last two or three days each, and include a bump in day. Considering the lengthy prep - the whole thing feels like its over before its even begun. So doing two trade shows one week apart, was definitely a mighty effort! #goteam. 
Blackpants is a very hands on company. 10 years on, and we still do trade shows with the same attention to detail and passion that we had at our very first Sydney Hair Expo. Our stands may be bigger now, and our artwork and point of sale are on a much larger scale. But the actual physical labour and behind the scenes stuff – nothing has changed… its just us. 5 girls, sometimes 6, and wow, do we get shit done!!
We do our own setup….
We fold our own boxes….

We even spray paint our own mannequins. Albeit, in the back of the loading zone, next to a dumpster, while wrapped in bubble wrap. #theblackpantsway
But as I said, we get it done… and the Blackpants stand always looks pretty amazing. Even if I do say so myself …
If you have ever been to one of our trade show stands, you will know that they can get very crowded and busy! We wouldn’t have it any other way though, as there is such a buzz and its always fun meeting customers. We definitely don’t get much down time, or the chance to escape from the stand. 
I don’t always wander around the trade show, but when I do…. This happens. 
Not the most enjoyable experience. I drooled the whole time and swallowed way too much of an unknown substance. But ill try anything once. 
Hope to see you at a trade show soon. x

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