Cost per Wear (CPW)

What determines Great Value??

How to increase the value of garments by reducing the Cost Per Wear.

Everything comes with a price. And for many consumers, there are common misconceptions that low price equates to good value, and also that a high price automatically ensures good quality.   
Both can be true, but the most effective measure of true value is a concept called “cost per wear”. It will change the way you think, and shop, and will ultimately save you money in the long run.  
Cost per wear (CPW) is a rather simple idea. The value of an item is directly related to how much you use it.

If you purchase something for $100 and wear it once – that one wear costs you $100. Wear it twice, each wear now cost $50, a hundred times and each wear is $1 and so on. Based on CPW algorithm, your once expensive $100 purchase, is now great value! Or think about your favourite sweater that you have had for a decade, and worn endless times – probably not an expensive purchase – but according to CPW – could be your most valued garment in your wardrobe. Literally.
That was, of course, until you purchased your first Blackpants item of clothing!
There may have been a time in your career, when the thought of spending over $100 on something to wear to work, was absurd. 
It seems like a hefty upfront payment, and hard to justify to yourself, given the fact that you are buying it and wearing it …. To work! Its a lot easier to justify spending your hard earned cash on something that is going to bring you joy! 

But lets work backwards. The Blackpants range may not bring you joy per say, but it surely eliminates a lot of the common workplace joykillers – they are bleach resistant, hair repellent! – not to mention wash and wear and no iron! 
Blackpants makes life a lot easier – and we think that sounds pretty joyful. 

Also according to the CPW theory – the Blackpants range is exceptional value due to its durability and longevity.  With superior workmanship, and quality textiles, the clothing is designed to be worked in, and made to last. Wash after wash, Wear after wear, and always look great! 
So great that some stylists even wear their Blackpants gear outside of the workplace, which  brings the CPW down even further! 
Sounds like fantastic value! 
What are you waiting for …

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